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Cocaine Addiction Treatment Programs

Recent estimates state that as many as 2 million people in the United States alone have abused cocaine. This drug is a widely available substance that cause a euphoric state which can lead to psychosis, liver and kidney damage, heart attack and many psychological consequences that result in permanent side effects for the user. Unfortunately, despite the concern that cocaine can cause fatal affects on the user, millions of people continue to use the drug and find themselves suffering from a physical and psychological dependence on cocaine that requires long term treatment and therapy in order to recover. Cocaine addiction treatment programs provide cocaine addicts with methods of support and care that can help them to cope with their addiction in a positive and healthy way that leads them down a path to sobriety.

Methods of Treatment Used

Many different methods of treatment have been proven effective at treating cocaine addiction but the most common methods of treatment to be used in cocaine addiction treatment programs are cognitive-behavioral therapy methods which utilize a combination therapy technique that actually changes the attitudes, behaviors and thinking of the addict. Cognitive-behavioral therapy works so well for cocaine addicts because the method teaches the addict how:

  • recognize the situations or events that trigger them to use cocaine
  • avoid situations that would cause them to think about or want to use cocaine
  • discover the thought process that they have before, during and after cocaine abuse
  • change that thought process into a positive thought process that does not include a desire to abuse cocaine
  • alter behaviors to ensure continued abstinence from cocaine abuse

Through these methods, cocaine addicts are able to recover from their cocaine addiction without the use of medications or other drugs. Additionally, many cocaine addiction treatment programs will also utilize a community rewards program to help boost or encourage the efforts of the recovering addict.

Community rewards programs provide incentives for good behaviors and pay less attention to bad behaviors. It’s similar to positive reinforcement that is used in the teachings of younger children throughout grade-school. Community reinforcement programs may reward a recovering addict for:

  • abstaining from drug use for a set period of time such as 30 days, 60 days or more (this is monitored through randomized drug testing)
  • meeting a specific recovery goal such as accepting their problem or attending a set number of group counseling sessions
  • achieving certain milestones in the recovery program such as helping another person in recovery or making a profound realization on their own recovery

Because cocaine addiction can actually alter the chemical composition of the brain making it difficult for the addict to feel happy or positive without the use of cocaine, these community reinforcement programs have been proven to be very effective at providing addicts with a feeling or sense of achievement and accomplishment that keeps them pushing forward with their recovery efforts. Some of the rewards that may be provided in these types of cocaine addiction treatment programs include:

  • gift certificates to a favorite store
  • restaurant vouchers to a local eatery
  • special concert or event tickets
  • other items that would be valued by the recovering addict based on his or her likes

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Programs Work!

If you or someone you love is addicted to cocaine, the most important thing to consider is that there has been proven effectiveness in many different methods of treatment for this addiction. You are not alone in your fight against cocaine addiction and you do not have to suffer another day alone—cocaine addiction treatment programs can provide you with the supportive environment that you need to start your way to recovery.